Jefferson Project

Welcome to the Jefferson Project, where history meets opportunity. Our 1,068 Ha property is strategically located within 10 miles of Kinross-owned Round Mountain and Gold Hill, which yielded approximately 226,000 oz in 2022. Just as close is the historic Northumberland gold mine, boasting a legacy of 30,000 oz in 1988 and 327,000 oz historically. With 132 claims and extensive gold-rich zones, the Jefferson Project offers a prime investment opportunity at the heart of Nevada’s gold-rich landscape. Join us in unearthing the next chapter in Nevada’s golden legacy.


The Jefferson Project encompasses 1,068 hectares with 132 claims, located 10 miles north of the Kinross-owned Round Mountain and Gold Hill Projects (approximately 226,000oz mined in 2022) and 10 miles south of the previously operating Northumberland Gold Mine (active in the 1980s—1990s, with approximately 327,000oz produced historically).

The project strike parallels MAJOR GOLD BELTS in Nevada (Carlin Trend, Cortez Gold Belt and Walker Lane).

Additionally, gold nuggets have been found on the property in shallow pits by local ranchers.

Project Location

The Jefferson Project is located in a historic Nevada mining region, near three current and past-producing gold mines. The Northumberland Gold Mine was active in the 1980s and 1990s and produced approximately 327,000oz of gold historically, with a peak of approximately 30,000oz in 1988. The Kinross-owned Gold Hill Mine (Bald Mountain) sits on the southern end of the prolific Carlin Trend and mined approximately 214,000oz of gold in 2022; a 2023 exploration program suggests a narrower, higher-grade operation at 6 to 8 g/t that additionally confirmed an 800m strike extension to the west. Round Mountain (also owned by Kinross) mined approximately 226,000oz of gold in 2022, featuring +10m wide mineralized zones averaging 3 to 4 g/t. In 2023, they underwent a further exploration program focusing on underground and surface exploration in the region.

Additionally, the project strike parallels major gold belts in Nevada; the Carlin Trend, the Cortez Gold Belt, and Walker Lane. 


Exploration History

The project’s history dates back to 1905 when the ranch owner created several adits and shafts with about 100m of underground workings. In the 1980s and 1990s, 18 reverse circulation drill holes were completed, ranging from 8.1 g/t Au in sections from 5.2 to 10.7m. The previous ranch owner was previously not favourable to corporate exploration aside from the 18 drilled holes until recently, in 2020, when surface exploration highlighted three parallel N15-20W silicified fault zones, including the 100-year-old mines, which paralleled major gold belts. 

Historical work suggests a favourable geology and structure, with the presence of economically attractive gold values, make the Jefferson project like unlocking a time capsule. 

The Target

The Jefferson Project has 3 zones approximately 640m apart; the East Vein at 610m along strike, the Middle Vein at 305m along strike and the West Vein which currently only features a small shaft. 

Historic small mine gold production was drawn from one of three prominent faults with quartz veins, featuring similar structural orientation to other Nevada gold mines. These quartz veins show episodic, repeated faulting, brecciation and quarts veining and silicification events which is consistent with favourability for gold mine development.

These quartz veins are hosted by a moderately indurated lapilli tuff, which is favourable for bulk tonnage gold mineralization.

Sampling Program and Exploration Highlights

In 2023, 82 rock chip samples were collected from a total of 130 samples, which focused on quartz veins and adjacent wallrock from existing workings. 71 samples were collected from 15 workings on the East Vein, 10 from 5 workings on the Middle Vein, and 3 from 1 shaft on the West Vein. Of the 82 samples collected, 80% contain over 0.3 g/t Au, 42% contain over 1 g/t Au, 12% contain over 3 g/t Au and 6% contain over 10 g/t Au.

The highest gold results were from the East Vein Adit #1


29.9 g/t Gold


56.7 g/t Gold

Exploration programs will begin by focusing on the East Vein, with drilling in late 2023 from 6 permitted drill pads. 


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